When you’re Asian on Tinder…

1. Sometimes guys can be cute 


2. But still, most just want to f*ck


3. And there is this smooth f*ck boy

who makes you laugh but you still have to nope


4. While the rest is either rude…

that you have to be rude back


5. Or flaky as hell

but like, no surprise so you’re chill


6. Some are aggressive and spontaneous 


7. And some very direct 

you don’t know what’s going on.


8. Some aren’t happy that there is no second date

… so he goes on reading your blog and sends you an essay


j1 j2 j3 j4

It has 4 main points and basically TL,DR. I mean, literally it was too long, I never read it.

9. Or if you don’t reply quickly, they turn bitter real fast 


10. And of course Tinder wouldn’t be Tinder without the f*ck face racists


11. Finally, you also have matches with other Asians, but it’s like, very rare

So rare that I don’t even have a screenshot.

Ellen Nguyen

Ellen Nguyen

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