Dear Girls


Go home. Always go home. Don’t stay out. Don’t wait for “something” to happen. There is nothing good that will happen after midnight. Trust me. At least not believable things.

We are girls. Accept it or not. We are an emotional creature and we will have feelings even when we don’t mean to. Sometimes, we can get away with it. Yes, I did. But once we catch it, it bites bad. It hurts like nothing else. And it’s not even anyone’s fault.

Don’t blame the boy. It has nothing to do with him. It’s just unfair that our feelings are stigmatized and we are left with no choice but to let them go.

For sure, we should.

Whose precious heart and body is that? Only ours. So we have to take good care of both. Go home and take a good rest.

It might be lonely. Yes. It certainly is. But the wait will be worth it.

Don’t tolerate disrespect and lies. Don’t settle for less than what we deserve. Don’t rush when we are still clueless of what we really needs.

Let the boys fight for us and us protect for the love once shared.

Don’t be scared of mistakes. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. It can be a strength too.

Live independently but choose wisely who to trust.

And embrace ourselves and all the values we hold.

We might live in a men’s world that constantly tells women who to be and how to live our lives — fuck that! — but men are borne and raised by women. We will be the mothers that sail the ship of the new generation ahead. If today we don’t unite and change how we think about our own gender, there will never be any real change whatsoever.

By change, I mean, from the most simple thing, stop believing that we are all about outer appearance. Don’t hate on each other for some personal business.

And remember that men are not our enemy. They are the other half of us. The only enemy we have to fight is our own mind.

So, it is a must that we start from here. From us.

Girls, are we fair to ourselves and to women? Or even to men?

Please, answer yourself.

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