The One Thing I Could Not Tell You About

It’s normal to not know love. It’s even more common to only get somewhere close to love, having experienced one or many variants of it. It will come, they would say. You still have your whole life a head of you, they would remind.

my identity

I Have Changed But There is a Part of Me that Stays True Forever

I shouldn't be scared that I might lose the raw part of me that seeks out to the world, demanding to feel life authentically, that one part that makes me young and alive because deep down I know for sure that the nature of me would never change.

sleeping with a man

When You Sleep With a Man

When you sleep with a man, you don't just want to sleep with the man -- you would like him to thrust deep inside you that unquestionable beauty of his manhood, the surging testosterone level and every tiny details that make him a man.

introvert life

The Life Of An Introvert Born In Middle Of A Summer

I'm an introvert. Introvert in nature. I'm not that girl who would be loud around lots of friends. I'm not that girl who would choose to party while she could stay home and watch her favorite movies instead. I'm not the girl you would spot at a shopping center laughing with a bunch of girlfriends.

The Unthinkable And The Significance Of Life

There are times we think about death. But only when we are facing it do we realize how ridiculous we have been to even think about it. We might not know our purpose of being born into life but we know one thing that when a tragedy like this happens, it's our instinct to feel fear and grief.