5 Annoying Dating Behaviours That People Need To Stop

Last minute planning is inconsiderate and totally kills the exciting anticipation before the date. Where's gone the days when a guy actually calls a girl to ask her out on a date that's set up carefully because he wants to have a good time with her? Or at least, yeah, modern day version for both genders, call or text to make a firm plan to see each other and stick to it.

5 Quotes From Vanilla Sky That Make Good Life Lessons

"The sweet is never as sweet without the sour."
That's true. I would never be able to fully appreciate the simplicity of life if I hadn't caused so much drama when younger. I would not know how great it feels to do the right things without all the wrongdoings.

5 Dating Struggles Introverts Would Understand

Somehow when I'm indoors, I would feel more comfortable being honest and sharing my true feelings, or generally being more liberated. However, it's definitely not a good idea to suggest meeting up at either my or their place on the first date as it would definitely be interpreted as an offer for a fuck-buddy or friends with benefits situation.

Before Sunrise

I saw myself in thirty-something Celine in Before Sunset and to my surprise, I still felt the same way when I watched Before Sunrise just now. I have to say the screenwriter had done a great job following up the original movie after 9 years and the actors were amazing.