Another Bad Boy But This Time It Will Be Different

This time it will be different because you will care about how you feel and you know you want happiness. You want someone who's there for you, who won't leave you hanging in uncertainty, who will do what he says he would. You want a man who choose you and choose to be with you. A man who treats you like nothing this guy does.

8 Ways You Make Life Harder Than It Should Be

I know it's always easier said than done but if we don't remind ourselves everyday first, how could we remember it and start doing something to change our life, especially when it all comes from your own mind?

What To Do When Your Self-Esteem Suddenly Drops

This is your life, you go at your own pace. It's about you, not anyone else. Never anyone else. You're at a low point of your life and the low self-esteem might possibly turn some people off but that's okay. Take as much time as you need to work on yourself and your life until you can put your shit together and feel invincible again.

I Want You To Call Me Right Now

If you can't be here right now, then call me.