Life at 21: Me, Men, Beer & Sex

I was smart but I was also very dumb.

Ladies, What Do You Say To “Netflix and Chill”?

Frankly speaking, unless the dude is a fucking sex god (no pun intended) or at least every time I fuck him I feel like I'm on cloud nine high on whatever the fuck my body is producing, the answer is no.

This is What Happens When You Truly Like Someone

When you truly want someone, it's not something you can just easily switch on and off. Of course you can lie to yourself however you want but every time you meet their eyes, this rush of joy spreading all over your body, making you feel alive and your plain world turn into full colour, doesn't. It's clear that you have failed miserably. 

A Letter To 25-Year-Old Me

I'm writing to you because I want to remind you of this important stage of our life, that at 21 life has come to a point of no directness but you have stayed strong and given all what you've got.

The Real Reason Why You Always Struggle With Love

You meet a new person and you think they're not right for you because they haven't watched Game of Thrones, or don't like Lana Del Rey. Or you don't even give someone a chance because they never text with emojis and therefore seem boring. Yet you say yes to someone who is going to move away in 3 months or doesn't want kids while your dream is to become a parent.