So You’re In Love With A Total Manwhore

Being in love with a manwhore is fun but tricky. Fun because he is attractive and ridiculously good in bed. You don't know how he even does it but it's like he understands the female body better than you do and he can tell exactly what you want, how you want it, when you want it before you even find a chance to mutter it to him.

I Taste Loneliness On Your Cheekbone

Darling, you might be able to wipe away your tears and put on your favourite mask but I can still taste loneliness drying on your cheekbone.

This is What You Do When Life Gives You Lemon

When life gives you lemon, it sucks but it's okay that it sucks. It's okay to cry -- even cry in the pouring rain alone at a random bus stop. It's okay to have no one by your side, to be passed by like a shadow on a busy street. Let it all be and let it all out.

I Must Be Crazy Because I Wish I Wasn’t Over You

Let's go back to the days when your body was still my home and I danced having butterflies in my stomach. Then the days I followed your traces back but all what greeted me was a deserted city of late apologies and broken promises.