The Three Men Every Woman Has Loved

I believe every woman who has loved has loved three kinds of men: the one who she loves in bed, the one who she loves at the dinner table and the one who she loves in her memory.

Happy Woman Celebrating Life

8 Things I Started Doing Daily To Overcome My Social Anxiety and Become Confident

Fortunately, over time, with effort, my anxiety has gotten so much better. I've noticed the improvements since I started filling my days with a variety of things that have helped me loosen up and fight off negative thoughts.

Quarter-life Crisis: Do You Have One & How To Cope With It?

After all, it must start from somewhere and I decide that it starts from me, today.

How To Be Effective And Chilled Out At The Same Time

Training my mind to guard off worries and stay relaxed under all circumstances is challenging but I believe it's not impossible.