I Don’t Know Why It Must Be You

You moved me. You stirred thoughts inside my head. You made words flow out of me. And I tell you now, it's not an easy thing.

You Haven’t Learned Until Your Action Changes

Even when I got home and broke down into tears at 3 am because I realized how overwhelmingly I used to love him and how great it felt to be held by him again, my desire to be with him now weighs so much less than knowing that realistically we have no future.

If We Aren’t Magic, You Have To Let Me Go

Don't ring me up only because someone else doesn't answer your calls and now you're bored and want a substitute to keep you company. Because trust me, we both deserve more.

Read This If You Struggle To Love Yourself

If you loved yourself, you would accept your past, your flaws and every wrong turn you take. You would give yourself the permission to be imperfect, to make mistakes, to get lost in a pair of ocean-blued eyes and live life to the fullest. If you loved yourself, you would forgive yourself.