Some Might Break You But Some Will Build You (even when you don’t know it yet)

I wasn't broken; I was just lost. I wasn't unloved; I was just too wrapped up in my own head to realize that I was treasured by so many precious people for whom I had always been enough. During all the times I thought life couldn't get any worse, it was actually far from worse. It was slowly getting better. I was gradually becoming me.

7 Remarkable Ways Heartbreak Shapes You Into A Better Person

It is harder and takes much longer for me to fall in love but once I do, I fall deep and for the right reasons.

To All Of You Who Ever Doubt Your Own Beauty, Please Read This

See, I was never taught by my family to place importance on look but when the world kept repeating it and treating me based on it, long enough, I started to care and really think I wasn't beautiful, then eventually disregarded all other good qualities I had.

How To Touch A Guarded Girl

Hold her tight and safe in your arms whether you two are cozy in bed or stand outside a dodgy takeaway downtown, whether it's an eventful Saturday night or a mundane Monday afternoon so she never has to doubt that you want her for everything she is, not just her body.

Sleeping With Him Won’t Make Him Stay

Now, it’s 3 am again and he’s in the same room with you. You tell yourself it’s cool and pretend like everything is okay. You try to talk to him like a friend and as promised, he refrains from making any physical contact with you. There seems to be a sense of awkwardness in the way your bodies move around each other. And it hurts a little.