Tingly Mind is an online publication dedicated to the unfiltered experiences of being human, and particularly of young adults in modern society.

We publish articles and stories from multinational writers on a variety of topics such as life, dating and sex, mental well-being, personal growth, and self-love across three main verticles: All The Feels, Real Talks and True Stories.

  • All The Feels immerses in raw feelings and emotions.
  • Real Talks offers no-bullshit advice and opinions.
  • True Stories shares real-life experiences.

At the heart of our content is honesty, vulnerability and openess. We strip naked our hearts and minds sharing honstly and openly about embarrassing mistakes, uncomfortable truths and painful lessons of life. Most of the times, they’re not at all pretty; though as a community, we do try our best to be as positive as possible.

We’re based in London.


Our mission

  • to empathise: You will know you’re not alone.
  • to enlighten: You will learn something new.
  • to entertain: You will have fun.


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