Read This If You Struggle To Love Yourself

If you loved yourself, you would accept your past, your flaws and every wrong turn you take. You would give yourself the permission to be imperfect, to make mistakes, to get lost in a pair of ocean-blued eyes and live life to the fullest. If you loved yourself, you would forgive yourself.

smart woman

What A Smart Woman Knows

A smart woman is also aware of her privileges, disadvantages and weaknesses. She doesn't try to hide them but she faces them and grows with them.

Being A Girl Is Hard

It’s Hard Being A Girl

Being a girl is hard because my body and sexuality is somehow everyone’s business. I’m judged for the clothes I wear, the people I’m with and every little choice I make about what to do with my own body.

To All The Girls Who Struggle With Body Image, Please Read This

Free yourself from beauty trends, from people’s opinions, from who you are not and will never have to be.

my identity

I Have Changed But There is a Part of Me that Stays True Forever

I shouldn't be scared that I might lose the raw part of me that seeks out to the world, demanding to feel life authentically, that one part that makes me young and alive because deep down I know for sure that the nature of me would never change.

introvert life

The Life Of An Introvert Born In Middle Of A Summer

I'm an introvert. Introvert in nature. I'm not that girl who would be loud around lots of friends. I'm not that girl who would choose to party while she could stay home and watch her favorite movies instead. I'm not the girl you would spot at a shopping center laughing with a bunch of girlfriends.