You Don’t Live Fully Until You Embrace The Mundane

When I slow down and look into each moment, I see the value that’s easily lost in pursuit of constant high and perfection. But there’s no such thing as constant high and perfection — all drugs wear off and flowers wither.

Living in the moment

What If This Is All There Is?

Is this all there is? Is this all what life has got to offer me? Is this all I'll ever experience? Is this all there is to me? You're deeply scared. It dawns on you that your dream might actually never come true. You were promised the world but this is what you end up with.

What I’ve Learned About Pain

Pain is good at making you suddenly conscious of your humanness. It's like a knock on your head, waking up all your neurons and reminding you of your own mortality.

Travel To Feel Lighter

Travel To Feel Lighter And Find Yourself Again

Travel makes you feel untethered; like you can come and go and know that these experiences are unveiling some new bit about yourself you didn't know you had.

Woman Standing By The Sea

How I Survived My Parents’ Drug Addiction And Did Better For Myself

Towards the end of our stay at my childhood home, my parents fought all the time. They fought with each other, me, my sister, everyone really. Their drug addiction had gotten out of control.

4 Things I’m Done With For 2018

I’m done with running the achievement race out of fear and social pressure, with rushing decisions and jumping to conclusions like it’s the end of the world tomorrow and everything has to be done now, now, now.

The Lights We Don’t See

I find myself in the middle of a road I sometimes forget I'm walking on, and from where I stand I cannot see what awaits me ahead.

How I Decided To Ignore What People Think And Do What Makes Me Happy

As cliché as it sounds, we really do only get one life. It’s far too precious to spend it the way others expect you to.