How You Toy With Your Own Feelings Without Realizing It

If you're someone who thinks long-term, who wants to achieve your goals, you will need to care more than just feelings. You will need to focus on your priorities, your needs, your happiness, set your boundaries and look at the big picture. It might be hard at first, for sure, but it will always pay off in the long run.

If Boys Like You Want Girls Like Me

Girls like us, we're not as good at living in the moment as you do. So please be careful with your words because when you look into our eyes and you say you want us, it can be ridiculously hard for us to really understand that you might only mean it in that very moment but not necessarily anything more.

Be Thankful For The Pain: 7 Ways Heartbreak Shapes You Into A Better Person

It is harder and takes much longer for me to fall in love but once I do, I fall deep and for the right reasons.

How To Touch A Guarded Girl

Hold her tight and safe in your arms whether you two are cozy in bed or stand outside a dodgy takeaway downtown, whether it's an eventful Saturday night or a mundane Monday afternoon so she never has to doubt that you want her for everything she is, not just her body.

Sleeping With Him Won’t Make Him Stay

Now, it’s 3 am again and he’s in the same room with you. You tell yourself it’s cool and pretend like everything is okay. You try to talk to him like a friend and as promised, he refrains from making any physical contact with you. There seems to be a sense of awkwardness in the way your bodies move around each other. And it hurts a little.

I Don’t Know Why It Must Be You

You moved me. You stirred thoughts inside my head. You made words flow out of me. And I tell you now, it's not an easy thing.

You Haven’t Learned Until Your Action Changes

Even when I got home and broke down into tears at 3 am because I realized how overwhelmingly I used to love him and how great it felt to be held by him again, my desire to be with him now weighs so much less than knowing that realistically we have no future.