6 Things I Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me When I Was Younger

I wish I had learned time management sooner when it was my most abundant resource. I wish someone would’ve told me it is important to be hardworking at what you love.

Life at 23: Breaking, Searching & Being

They say, evolution is never easy or efficient. It takes time, frequent mistakes and lots of changes. It was true for mine. My journey was the opposite of easy and efficient as you could tell.

Life At 22: Me, Men, Money & Drugs

I guess that's the biggest difference between the 22-year-old me and any previous version of me: I've learned to let go of people who don't choose me. I've found the strength to move on regardless of the circumstances.

What Happens When You Grow Up

You will be completely honest with yourself and find a way of life that will allow that honesty to breathe and thrive. You will go for the good options instead of the easy ones.

What It Really Means to be Strong

Being strong isn't putting up a cold, hard exterior to protect myself from getting hurt again. Being strong is loving and showing I care regardless. More than that, it means loving myself and choosing happiness every single day. And being strong is also being able to walk away from things that aren't meant for me.

Life at 21: Me, Men, Beer & Sex

I was smart but I was also very dumb.

A Letter To 25-Year-Old Me

I'm writing to you because I want to remind you of this important stage of our life, that at 21 life has come to a point of no directness but you have stayed strong and given all what you've got.