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How I Survived My Parents’ Drug Addiction And Did Better For Myself

Towards the end of our stay at my childhood home, my parents fought all the time. They fought with each other, me, my sister, everyone really. Their drug addiction had gotten out of control.

Life at 23: Breaking, Searching & Being

They say, evolution is never easy or efficient. It takes time, frequent mistakes and lots of changes. It was true for mine. My journey was the opposite of easy and efficient as you could tell.

A Tinder Hook-up From An Inexperienced Girl’s Perspective

We matched on Tinder at 8 pm on a Friday night, yet he didn't message me. So I messaged him. Hey. He replied after a few minutes. Hey. And our conversation started.

Life At 22: Me, Men, Money & Drugs

I guess that's the biggest difference between the 22-year-old me and any previous version of me: I've learned to let go of people who don't choose me. I've found the strength to move on regardless of the circumstances.

Life at 21: Me, Men, Beer & Sex

I was smart but I was also very dumb.

The Unthinkable And The Significance Of Life

There are times we think about death. But only when we are facing it do we realize how ridiculous we have been to even think about it. We might not know our purpose of being born into life but we know one thing that when a tragedy like this happens, it's our instinct to feel fear and grief.