On Friday night, text me at 8 pm but don’t ask me about my day. Don’t ask me because at 10 I will be ready to pour out everything before you even have to ask. I will go ahead and tell you about what I eat for breakfast, whom I talk to at 4 pm when my last class is over, and how I can’t stand that guy who eats next to me in the library because he chews way too loud. And the strong smell of curry. I love curry but I don’t like the smell of food in the library. I like the smell of paper and the sunlight that has me daydream about a life without exams and assignments.

So, at 8 pm just text me and say some ridiculously adorable shit that you know will make me laugh. I will laugh and suddenly feel like Friday is really here. I will want to do something fun and that’s when you ask me out for a spontaneous dinner. It doesn’t need to mean anything. It doesn’t need to be a date. It could just be that you’re hungry and you need a fun company and I happen to like spontaneous Friday too. I will get dressed quickly in my casual Friday night look but what you don’t know is that the red lipstick is not part of the casual. I just wear it because I want to look a bit cuter, sexier for you even though we will have Chinese food and there is no classy way to eat roast duck at 9 pm. But that’s cool because we will laugh a lot. Laughing is enough sexy and cute.

At 11 pm, after we’re done with the usual what-have-you-been-up-to-today and a lot of dark jokes, maybe also done with a couple of drinks too, we will have a walk in the typical chilly air of an early summer day. You will watch me dancing on the street because I’m feeling happy with you. I don’t know what we’re going to do next but I feel like I could do anything with you. Maybe we could climb on top of the 10-storey parking lot and be amazed at how beautiful our city is, or gaze at the sky. Like, for real. Like, seriously gazing. We will talk about dreams and about being 20, about how lost we are and how overwhelming life is but maybe we don’t have to be afraid anymore because we have each other. At least for a moment, we could stop and take a deep breath. We could stare into each other’s eyes and feel something real. Like when you hold my hand and you feel warm, and I could hear your heartbeat. We know we’re alive.

At 1 am, we will be on your bed talking about our family and childhood while finishing your half-empty bottle of cheap vodka mixed with some coke. You will order some pizza for me just because you hear me say I’m hungry again and I realize how much I like you for that. We will get a bit tipsy and laugh a lot like we always do on a Friday night and you will tell me I’m pretty and fun. I will believe for once that I’m pretty and fun. I will stop talking for a minute because I realize you’re about to kiss me. Then we kiss and I think this is unreal. It’s a Friday night with alcohol, pizza and red lipstick, and that Friday night magic could be unreal. But we kiss and we kiss a lot. We roll around on your bed and we don’t fall asleep until 5 am.

That’s how I will wake up on a Saturday morning wearing your clothes in your bed. My face will be a bit terrifying with smudged make-up and tired eyes and my breath will smell of pizza and alcohol while red lipstick is probably all eaten by your kisses. But you know what. I don’t want to feel like Friday is over. I want you to still stare into my eyes like you do on that parking lot and tell me I’m pretty and fun. I want you to laugh at my silliness and pull me back in your arms when I try to get up because I feel a little bit embarrassed letting you see my morning face. But then I feel okay because I realise whether it’s a Friday night alcoholic or a Saturday morning sober, you still look at me the same way and I love that. We will struggle to get out of bed and when we finally do, we will cook breakfast together and make stupid jokes all over again, like Friday night is never over.

Every day will be our Fridays and Fridays don’t have to be Friday. Fridays can just be any day because we will still adore each other and still randomly text at 8 pm asking each other out for dinner at a dodgy Chinese take away and then get pizza at midnight because our eating habits are so fucked. We will still be 20 and lost and we will tell each other we don’t know what will happen next but we will hold hands and say silly things anyway. Because we’re young. Because it’s fun. Because if not we would be wasting our time away and I know we hate to be boring and lonely. Because we’re both here and we’re stupidly, wonderfully restless. Because I like you and I want to be lost with you even if it means not knowing when we will have to say goodbye. And because I’m a dumb young girl and I think Friday night with you doesn’t need to be over…

Ellen Nguyen

Ellen Nguyen

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