I’m Tired of Trying to be Seen

I'm tired of feeling like there's something wrong with me, of explaining myself, of trying to seek approval from the people who have no intention to see me kindly at all. I'm sick of trying so fucking hard to be seen. I just can't do it anymore. I'm not perfect. I'm terribly flawed. I can be a mess. I'm not for everyone. And I accept it.

Broken Lonely Man Feels Depressed and Suicidal

Read This When You Just Want to Disappear

Days like when you wish you could just vanish because you feel like you're nothing, for nothing, they are unbearable. Days like this, they are eating you away. Days like this, they are killing you before you even have to kill yourself.

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6 Pieces of Advice That Will Make Your Life Easier

Embrace all what you are. Live fully for each moment. Let go of the past and the people who have done wrong to you. And don't take life too seriously.

5 Life-Changing Lessons I’ve Learned At 22

I’ve made bad decisions. I’ve been extremely irrational. I’ve done things that made absolutely no sense. And I realize for the most part, it was because I had no idea what my priorities and values were.

Some Might Break You But Some Will Build You (even when you don’t know it yet)

I wasn't broken; I was just lost. I wasn't unloved; I was just too wrapped up in my own head to realize that I was treasured by so many precious people for whom I had always been enough. During all the times I thought life couldn't get any worse, it was actually far from worse. It was slowly getting better. I was gradually becoming me.

How To Touch A Guarded Girl

Hold her tight and safe in your arms whether you two are cozy in bed or stand outside a dodgy takeaway downtown, whether it's an eventful Saturday night or a mundane Monday afternoon so she never has to doubt that you want her for everything she is, not just her body.

Quarter-life Crisis: Do You Have One & How To Cope With It?

After all, it must start from somewhere and I decide that it starts from me, today.

no more crushes

Why I Don’t Get Crushes Anymore

I don't want to fall for the idea of you, of the person you could be, of what you are like on the surface.