Finding Me

I used to be in love with a hipster European boy. He was everything I wasn't (and still am not). He rode bike to work and around the city.

When All You Need is Someone to Listen

I know depressed is not me. I'm so much more. That being said, yes, I can be depressed. It's a truth that sometimes I'm convinced it's best if I kill myself. What can I say? This is what I'm dealing with on a daily basis. It's part of me.

To All Of You Who Ever Doubt Your Own Beauty, Please Read This

See, I was never taught by my family to place importance on look but when the world kept repeating it and treating me based on it, long enough, I started to care and really think I wasn't beautiful, then eventually disregarded all other good qualities I had.

Read This If You Struggle To Love Yourself

If you loved yourself, you would accept your past, your flaws and every wrong turn you take. You would give yourself the permission to be imperfect, to make mistakes, to get lost in a pair of ocean-blued eyes and live life to the fullest. If you loved yourself, you would forgive yourself.

Happy Woman Celebrating Life

8 Things I Started Doing Daily To Overcome My Social Anxiety and Become Confident

Fortunately, over time, with effort, my anxiety has gotten so much better. I've noticed the improvements since I started filling my days with a variety of things that have helped me loosen up and fight off negative thoughts.

How To Be Effective And Chilled Out At The Same Time

Training my mind to guard off worries and stay relaxed under all circumstances is challenging but I believe it's not impossible.