How I Decided To Ignore What People Think And Do What Makes Me Happy

As cliché as it sounds, we really do only get one life. It’s far too precious to spend it the way others expect you to.

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6 Pieces of Advice That Will Make Your Life Easier

Embrace all what you are. Live fully for each moment. Let go of the past and the people who have done wrong to you. And don't take life too seriously.

the closure you need

Read This If You Can’t Stop Blaming Yourself For Your Failed Relationship

I kept getting back to you to redeem myself. But what I failed to realise was that there was nothing to redeem but all I had to do is to accept that we were done and move on.

What To Do When Your Self-Esteem Suddenly Drops

This is your life, you go at your own pace. It's about you, not anyone else. Never anyone else. You're at a low point of your life and the low self-esteem might possibly turn some people off but that's okay. Take as much time as you need to work on yourself and your life until you can put your shit together and feel invincible again.

5 Quotes From Vanilla Sky That Make Good Life Lessons

"The sweet is never as sweet without the sour."
That's true. I would never be able to fully appreciate the simplicity of life if I hadn't caused so much drama when younger. I would not know how great it feels to do the right things without all the wrongdoings.

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When You Sleep With a Man

When you sleep with a man, you don't just want to sleep with the man -- you would like him to thrust deep inside you that unquestionable beauty of his manhood, the surging testosterone level and every tiny details that make him a man.

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The Life Of An Introvert Born In Middle Of A Summer

I'm an introvert. Introvert in nature. I'm not that girl who would be loud around lots of friends. I'm not that girl who would choose to party while she could stay home and watch her favorite movies instead. I'm not the girl you would spot at a shopping center laughing with a bunch of girlfriends.