Finding Me

I used to be in love with a hipster European boy. He was everything I wasn't (and still am not). He rode bike to work and around the city.

How To Be Effective And Chilled Out At The Same Time

Training my mind to guard off worries and stay relaxed under all circumstances is challenging but I believe it's not impossible.

This is What You Do When Life Gives You Lemon

When life gives you lemon, it sucks but it's okay that it sucks. It's okay to cry -- even cry in the pouring rain alone at a random bus stop. It's okay to have no one by your side, to be passed by like a shadow on a busy street. Let it all be and let it all out.

Read This If You Don’t Understand Why Someone Doesn’t Want You

When someone doesn't want you, one day you will be thankful for their honesty and decision because they have let you go on to find yourself and the happiness you deserve.

How To Forget Someone You Love

You will never forget that person because the truth is, part of you has never really wanted to.

How To Enjoy The Ride Of Life

Who knows what will happen -- Isn't it the best part of this unpredictable life?

How to Get What You Want in Life

Over time as I learned from my experiences and started to do differently to attain my goals, I realized that it wasn't about the things that I wanted, it was essentially about me. It is about my mindset, how I see and treat myself and the way I go about my life. It was eye-opening to me that by changing my thinking and approach, I could actually turn everything around, be well-prepared and in control.