4 Things I’m Done With For 2018

I’m done with running the achievement race out of fear and social pressure, with rushing decisions and jumping to conclusions like it’s the end of the world tomorrow and everything has to be done now, now, now.

Woman holiday journey travel relaxation

6 Pieces of Advice That Will Make Your Life Easier

Embrace all what you are. Live fully for each moment. Let go of the past and the people who have done wrong to you. And don't take life too seriously.

7 Remarkable Ways Heartbreak Shapes You Into A Better Person

It is harder and takes much longer for me to fall in love but once I do, I fall deep and for the right reasons.

Life at 21: Me, Men, Beer & Sex

I was smart but I was also very dumb.

freshman year lessons

8 Things I’ve Learned From My Freshman Year

During my Freshman year (including four months of summer), I have tried various things and made plenty of mistakes. New people came into my life to bring out the best and worst of me.

When You’re The Person Who Never Quite Knows How To Let Go

Perhaps, one day, I will come to feel neutral about him or any of those people, being genuinely happy for their happiness and keep in touch with them on good terms. Or maybe, I can never be sure about my feelings and my chest will still tighten at the sight of them with someone not me.

Being A Twenty-something: 21 Self-Reminders To Live Life For What It’s Worth

Never be sorry for who you are. Better yourself where you could but always stay true to the authentic you. Be you even if it means being different or not being liked by many people. Be you because it will attract the right people into your life.

How You Know You’re Doing Just Fine

As you look back at your life, you will realize that failure might well be one of the best things that ever happened to you.