Broken Lonely Man Feels Depressed and Suicidal

Read This When You Just Want to Disappear

Days like when you wish you could just vanish because you feel like you're nothing, for nothing, they are unbearable. Days like this, they are eating you away. Days like this, they are killing you before you even have to kill yourself.

When All You Need is Someone to Listen

I know depressed is not me. I'm so much more. That being said, yes, I can be depressed. It's a truth that sometimes I'm convinced it's best if I kill myself. What can I say? This is what I'm dealing with on a daily basis. It's part of me.

I Taste Loneliness On Your Cheekbone

Darling, you might be able to wipe away your tears and put on your favourite mask but I can still taste loneliness drying on your cheekbone.

I Want You To Call Me Right Now

If you can't be here right now, then call me.