Life at 23: Breaking, Searching & Being

They say, evolution is never easy or efficient. It takes time, frequent mistakes and lots of changes. It was true for mine. My journey was the opposite of easy and efficient as you could tell.

What I’m Scared of The Most

Mediocrity, to me, is a disease. It's contagious if not careful. Especially at my young age, it's inevitable that I will be influenced and shaped by my surroundings, by the people I spend the majority of my time with.

Finding Me

I used to be in love with a hipster European boy. He was everything I wasn't (and still am not). He rode bike to work and around the city.

Don’t Waste This Life

It's terrifying to have to make all the important decisions not knowing if they are the right ones. But it's also liberating and wonderfully exciting because I get to make all the important decisions. I get to live my life the way I think is best for me and this is all what matters.

When All You Need is Someone to Listen

I know depressed is not me. I'm so much more. That being said, yes, I can be depressed. It's a truth that sometimes I'm convinced it's best if I kill myself. What can I say? This is what I'm dealing with on a daily basis. It's part of me.

What It Really Means to be Strong

Being strong isn't putting up a cold, hard exterior to protect myself from getting hurt again. Being strong is loving and showing I care regardless. More than that, it means loving myself and choosing happiness every single day. And being strong is also being able to walk away from things that aren't meant for me.

Some Might Break You But Some Will Build You (even when you don’t know it yet)

I wasn't broken; I was just lost. I wasn't unloved; I was just too wrapped up in my own head to realize that I was treasured by so many precious people for whom I had always been enough. During all the times I thought life couldn't get any worse, it was actually far from worse. It was slowly getting better. I was gradually becoming me.

7 Remarkable Ways Heartbreak Shapes You Into A Better Person

It is harder and takes much longer for me to fall in love but once I do, I fall deep and for the right reasons.