Women Ask Themselves ‘What is Wrong with Me?’

These women, these strong and beautiful women, run their hands over their collar bones, breasts, abdomen, hips, and thighs, feeling curves of imperfection and folds of self‐doubt.

What It Really Means to be Strong

Being strong isn't putting up a cold, hard exterior to protect myself from getting hurt again. Being strong is loving and showing I care regardless. More than that, it means loving myself and choosing happiness every single day. And being strong is also being able to walk away from things that aren't meant for me.

To All Of You Who Ever Doubt Your Own Beauty, Please Read This

See, I was never taught by my family to place importance on look but when the world kept repeating it and treating me based on it, long enough, I started to care and really think I wasn't beautiful, then eventually disregarded all other good qualities I had.

smart woman

What A Smart Woman Knows

A smart woman is also aware of her privileges, disadvantages and weaknesses. She doesn't try to hide them but she faces them and grows with them.

Being A Girl Is Hard

It’s Hard Being A Girl

Being a girl is hard because my body and sexuality is somehow everyone’s business. I’m judged for the clothes I wear, the people I’m with and every little choice I make about what to do with my own body.

To All The Girls Who Struggle With Body Image, Please Read This

Free yourself from beauty trends, from people’s opinions, from who you are not and will never have to be.

7 Dating Lessons I Wish I’d Known Sooner

There is one thing you should always keep in mind: if someone really wants you, they will make time for you. If not, they will make excuses.

sleeping with a man

When You Sleep With a Man

When you sleep with a man, you don't just want to sleep with the man -- you would like him to thrust deep inside you that unquestionable beauty of his manhood, the surging testosterone level and every tiny details that make him a man.